Specialty Acts and Contracted Personnel

Loop Rawlins

Recently appearing on the hit-show “America’s Got Talent,” Loop Rawlins is one of the most versatile Western Performers in the world today. His Wild West Show & Act of Trick Roping, Whip Cracking, & Fancy Gun Spinning has thrilled thousands of Audiences. From performing with Cirque Du Soleil, to High-End Events, Music Videos, TV Shows, and even Movies, Loop Rawlins has done it all. For more information, visit http://www.looprawlins.com/

Cody Sosebee – Barrelman/Rodeo Clown

Cody Sosebee is one of the best rodeo clowns in the business, having worked all over both the United States and Canada. We are excited to see what hijinks and comedy he will bring to the 2017 War Bonnet Round Up!

Lelo “Krazy Train” Garcia – Bull Fighter

Professional Bullfighter Lelo Garcia, who live in Rigby, Idaho, is known all across the west for his skills. 2008 ImPRA Bull fighter of the Year. 2009 ImPRA Bull fighter of the Year. 2012 Top Gun Smets/Hare Bullfighting school. 2012 Elite Professional Bullriding Bullfighter of the Year. We can not wait to see him this year!

Chuck Swisher – Bull Fighter

The 2015 Bullfighters Only Las Vegas Freestyle Bullfighting Champion, Chuck Swisher has had an award-filled career. This Oklahoma native has been bullfighting for many years, and his past awards include: 2015 Boyd Gaming Chute-out Bullfighter (Las Vegas, NV), 2015 Pike Peak or Bust (Colorado Springs, CO) Bullfighter, 2015 Burlington, CO Champion Freestyle Bullfighter , 2014 NFR Bullfighter, 2014 First Annual JDRF Freestyle Bullfight Champion, 2013 Dusty Tuckness Invitational Freestyle Bullfight Champion, 2013-14 Prairie Circuit Finals Bullfighter, 2012 First Annual Fight For Life Lori Webster Freestyle Bullfight Champion, 2011 Reserve World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter Ada Bullfights, and the 2011 National Finals Rodeo Bucking Stock Sale Champion Bullfighter. We are excited to have him this year!

Jon Roberts – Bull Fighter

I began riding bulls at age 5 and started Bullfighting at age 14. I continued to ride until age 19. I then dedicated myself to Bullfighting. At age 21 I got my PRCA card and haven’t looked back.

“Mo” Betta Rodeo Company

“Mo” Betta Rodeo Company is located in the small Oklahoma Town of Apache.  It is owned by Muary and Nikki Tate and has been producing rodoes since 2003.  Maury has been a PRCA member for over 30 years as a contestant and also a stock contractor.

“Mo” Betta Rodeo has had stock at every National Finals Rodeo since becoming a member.  They have won several NFR go-rounds on their stock as well as Top Stock Awards.

“Mo” Betta Rodeo has produced many events, such as, Cody Nite Rodeo, “Mo” Betta Celebrity Quail Hunt and Auction, and “Mo Betta Invitational Calf-Roping.

Four Star Rodeo Co.

United Pro Rodeo Co.

Flying S Mini Bucking Bulls

Flying S Mini Bucking Bulls bought its first bull and fan favorite (Rocky) in 2011 and officially began its summer series in the Spring of 2013 and held its first Winter Series in 2016. Flying S is family owned and operated by Kyle and his three sons and their families. Flying S rodeos are fully operated by its owners and their families, from the smallest grand children to the grandparents doing their part to help the show go on.

Flying S has two divisions; junior for ages 9-11 and senior for ages 12-14. In addition Flying S is adding new aspects to their shows, including chute dogging, bareback and saddle bronc steers. Flying S’s goal is to provide a family oriented environment where the next generation of rodeo champions has a place to learn and hone skills as they advance their rodeo careers. For more information visit our web page at www.flyingsminibuckingbulls.com, or our Facebook page.

Kade Rogge – Announcer

A Rupert, Idaho Man who has what it takes to keep the crowd informed and entertained.

“How did you get started announcing?
Kade Rogge: While I was attending College of Southern Idaho, Brian our rodeo coach suggested having a rough stock school. During the school, he handed me the mic and that is where it all began. I started announcing high school rodeos and announced 15 that year. A good friend of mine Drew Taylor’s father who is a rodeo clown introduced me to Maury Tate who puts on the Cody Nite. He was needing an announcer so I have done that the past few years. Maury has been a huge help in building my announcing career.”