Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Idaho’s Oldest Rodeo, the War Bonnet Round Up.


What Security Procedures will be present at this event?

At the War Bonnet Round Up, we will have dozens of highly trained security guards and employees on hand to help out with any possible issues. At the front gate, a trained guard will be on hand to help with any security issues when entering or exiting.

Can I reserve my seats?

Seats at the War Bonnet are on a “first come, first served” basis. That means that if you arrive late to the rodeo, even if you have a ticket, there might be standing room only. Furthermore, you are not allowed to arrive early to the event and “reserve” seats for people arriving a few hours later. If you need a seat, you must either buy a VIP table or arrive earlier in the event.

Can I bring in my own Food and Drinks?

We do not allow in food or drinks to the Round Up. Sealed clear water bottles, or snacks needed due to an illness or disease, are allowed. These items must be inspected by the guard at the entrance.

Can I smoke at the Event?

There is no smoking or vaping unless done in the designated “smoking areas”.

Can I take Pictures or Videos at the event?

You are allowed to take photos or videos of the events. However, you can not take any photos or videos that will be used in commercial ways without express written consent of the War Bonnet Round Up committee. You may not live-stream at this event.

How much is Parking?

Parking at this event costs $5, and you get a free program with that payment. This money goes 100% towards improving the Sandy Downs Arena.

Do you offer Group Ticket Discounts?

We do not offer group ticket discounts at this time.

Is there handicap accessibility?

We provide close-in parking for people with disabilities.

Are there Loud Noises and Flashing Lights at this event?

At this event, there will be loud noises, flashing lights, fireworks exploding, and other loud or sudden noises.

Are Service Animals allowed into this event?

Certified service animals are allowed into the event. All other animals must remain at home.



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